NC500 and John O’Groats

March 2020, I was booked on a flight to LA to resume recordings with Hutch when COVID hit. Undeterred, we recorded ‘Home is Your Shoulder’ remotely with Chris Pepper of Saltwood Studios and released it later that year.

Next came the summer Kickstarter vinyl single in 2021 – a double A-side featuring  ‘Carmel’ from the LA session and ‘Mighty Big Sur’. Hutch had written the tune a few years before on tour with CSN and asked me to add lyrics.

It was a great summer launch – with a filmed secret gig on a beach – but I was burnt out. I hadn’t been on a road trip since November 2019 and  I was missing it. Where could I be a hermit for a week?  How far could I drive in the United Kingdom?  The answer – John O’Groats.

Then I heard about the NC500. I bought a one-person tent, read up on wild camping and a few days after the beach gig, went off to the highlands with my dog Cass.

It was another memorable adventure – from the first bizarre, scary but beautiful night sleeping on a beach on the east coast, to the incredible west coast and the Middle Earth nooks we found.

One woman and her dog – a road trip I’ll never forget.

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