Retreat to Crete

Kalimera from the mythical island of Crete - birthplace of Zeus and home to King Minos, Joni Mitchell, Odysseus and me, for a bit.
Nomadic life began for me yesterday after several days roughing it in an empty house and the rest under the mother hen wing of my big sis. She and her partner have the biggest hearts.
My plan had been to fly to Nashville on Tuesday and sit by the Cumberland River for a month to finish the book. After that I was off road tripping as I headed towards album release. Alas the gods had other ideas and blew me here instead - Plan B.
I'm at Aspros Potamos in Pefke Gorge where Zephyr, god of the west wind, currently lives and is blowing for Olympus today. It's a little rainy but makes the mountain herbs even more pungent. Hoping to bump into many immortals while I'm here and be in the US by August - four years on from embarking on my first Road Less Travelled roadtrip.
The odyssey continues.