Road Less Travelled

In 2019 I decided to leave England and take a rail and road trip across America. I was apprehensive - a woman travelling on her own. I didn't know if I'd return but I felt I had nothing to lose. I was Odysseus on an odyssey across America. Just me, a miniature guitar and a suitcase full of notebooks. 

On the road I met many people and many miracles,  and wrote a bunch of songs and poems along the way. Somewhere between Chicago and Big Sur I found my Nepenthe, just as I was ready to return home. 

In November that year I went back to record some of those road songs with my friend and musical mentor James 'Hutch' Hutchinson. We recorded four songs in two days at Johnny Lee Schell's Ultratone Studios,  in Studio City, with Tony Braunegal on drums and Diego 'El Twanguero' on guitar. 

Then I hit the road again and headed up the 395 in my friend Abby Dees's convertible. I travelled through Joshua Tree to Death Valley,  into the Owens Valley and across to the Pacific Highway on another songwriting mission full of high adventures and synchronicity.   

Those two trips changed my life. When I returned to England I swore I'd put it all down into some kind of collection  - recordings, story, paintings and podcast.  It's currently in the making. For now,  here are some mementos from the first trip.