Some things seem fated. Christmas 2021, and after a second dose of COVID, I decided to use my cancelled LA flight credit to escape England for a bit.

It was time to explore a place that had been on my wish list since reading Faulkner’s  ‘The Sound and the Fury’ as a teen. I would visit The American South. January 18th, 2022, I landed in Nashville with a plan to work on my book while immersing myself in the music and culture around me.

I visited the birthplace of Elvis, rock and roll, the blues; wandered around Graceland and Faulkner’s house; paid my respects to Martin Luther King and Jeff Buckley in Memphis; soaked up the songwriters at the Country Music Hall of Fame; stood in hallowed spots at RCA Studio B Nashville and Sun Studios Memphis; got to stick my head over a Jack Daniels’ Distillery sour mash; was gifted a handmade guitar; made new friends, sang with old friends, and fell in love.

Then finally – just before leaving – I made an album: the 10 track song-cycle written on the road while travelling through California back in 2019.

Through a series of lucky encounters, Kate introduced to a family friend, Nashville producer Matt Roley.  He had just finished building his studio and was looking for someone to try it out with.  And so, with the help of Josh Hunt (Alison Krauss), SistaStrings (Brandi Carlisle, Alison Russell) and Alex McCollough, we made a record.

It was mixed by Jay William Henderson (Band of Annuals) and will be released in 2023.

Magic happens.