Dubbed “the spiritual sister of Jeff Buckley” (Uncut Magazine), British singer-songwriter Holly Lerski began her music career in 1997 on a Nick Hornby mixtape with her folk-rock band Angelou, and the debut e.p. Hallelujah. She's released four studio albums - the Calum Maccoll produced Automiracles, and self-produced While You Were Sleeping, Life is Beautiful and The Wooden House, and supported artists including John Hiatt, The Cranberries and Josh Rouse. 

In 2019, following a breakup, Holly embarked on two life changing American road trips. Her "road less travelled" took her on a Kerouacian journey  bringing her songs full of heartache and hope. 

"I found myself in this incredible landscape I'd only ever dreamed of. Mountains, deserts, redwood forests, the wild Pacific Ocean. And I met all these amazing people, experiencing random acts of kindness time and time again. Seemed like the more I opened up to life, the more lucky breaks happened. Wild synchronicities. And all these songs appeared."

She recorded some of these  in LA with her friend James "Hutch" Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt) on a second road trip two months later, launching a Kickstarter to fund an album and book of the journey, but a world pandemic hit and the campaign was aborted. Undeterred, Holly released lockdown singles, including the second Kickstarter campaign funded vinyl single, 'Mighty Big Sur/Carmel'. Finally, in 2022, she recorded her fifth album in Nashville with producer Matt 'Truck' Roley, and the help of Nashville's finest, Josh Hunt (Alison Krauss), SistaStrings (Brandi Carlile, Allison Russell) and Alex McCollough.

Sweet Decline will be released in 2024, alongside the book of her roadtrips.



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