Who am I? I’m still finding out. For now, these things I know. 

I'm a misfit, a Miss Malaprop and a dreamer who dreams of Beatnik mystics. Guitar is my oldest friend. We met when I was 5 and we’ve been together ever since. 

I released my first record Hallelujah in 1997 on Haven Records with my band Angelou. It was a kind of homage to my hero Jeff Buckley. Once I sent him a postcard and he sent me one back. When he died I wrote a song in tribute to him called Little Sister. It's on my second album While You Were Sleeping. 

Sometimes I play with a band. Sometimes I play alone. I've released four albums on various labels, including my own. Three were recorded in the studio,  my last one - The Wooden House - in my shed. The Sunday Telegraph picked it as one of the Best Folk albums of 2015. 

I've been fortunate enough to tour Europe and Scandinavia with John Hiatt and play the Astoria with The Cranberries. My favourites still remain the backrooms of Spain. 

I have a love/hate relationship with the music industry.  It feels like a circuit breaker. Whereas music, to me, is all about connection. It's emotional energy between people, and like electricity it needs to be earthed for the circuit to complete.  I rediscovered this last year on my US roadtrips. 

Music, art and writing - I need all three to thrive. But it cannot exist in a vacuum, it needs to be received. Like the light from a lighthouse to a boat at sea - I want to make some kind of difference and light up the world a little. 

Dear listener and reader, I hope I do this for you.